Chetana Lauren Barkan - Tao of Gratitude | Trauma Release for Women by Chetana Lauren Barkan
The purpose of the workshop is for resolution and integration of body stored trauma from birth, developmental, situational &/or generational trauma including sexual abuse, sexual exploitation or sexual misuse (exchanging sexuality for love, approval &appreciation).
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You are invited to lovingly and compassionately embrace your shadow woundings, somatically-stored stress/tension and their associated patterned behaviors which keep you from living fully free in the heart of each moment.

This unique, profound, revolutionary retreat is designed as an intimate, safe space for WOMEN to meet, inquire, reveal and integrate original core wounding, shame, trapped trauma energy, suppressed emotions and stressful beliefs including imprinted primal, religious and societal conditioning.

The intention is to re-parent and nourish these original needs, disorganized attachment styles, and to metabolize the unprocessed, somatically-stored birth, developmental, generational and situational traumas (including and not limited to sexual abuse, violations and misuse). These are the primary, root causes of unresolved fight/flight/freeze patterns manifesting as; somatic constrictions, emotional dysregulation, repetitive thinking, dissociation, perpetual anxiety, chronic pain, fatigue, dis-ease, flashbacks, addictive behaviors, relational challenges and disconnection from spirit, self and others. Allowing yourself to acknowledge, explore & viscerally feel these trauma-based wounds and reactions is the sacred key to transformation; encouraging their completed expression and integration is the journey of repair, restore, rest and the glorious healing of the heart.

With compassionate presence, patience and tender care, we will embrace this journey together, utilizing a variety of transformational tools for embodying the art of self-care, self-responsibility and, most importantly, fearless self-love!

The vision for this retreat is to co-create and maintain an encouraging, nonjudgemental, connected, compassionate environment where all parts of you feel safely welcome. We all desire to be seen, heard, understood and loved. Healing can begin when you feel lovingly nourished and safely held to discover and expose your suppressed emotions, unconscious patterns and manipulative strategies buried within your current personality roles, behaviors and unconscious reactions to life.

Together, we will embrace, experience and express your full range of felt-sensations, emotions and unique humanity while deepening your connection/remembrance to the ultimate truth of you; a heart-fully felt, expressed and self-realized human walking the river banks of ultimate peace and freedom in a comfortable, peaceful homecoming!


“Only when we’re brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.” ~ Brene Brown