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Over the last 23 years, I have been learning, combining and integrating a variety of mind~body~breath modalities, self inquiry, and silent/active meditation techniques into my personal process and have had the greatest honor of globally offering the same to you.
Chetana Lauren Barkan, Trauma Release for Women, BBTRS, Tao of Gratitude
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Chetana Lauren Barkan

I often wonder what is best to reveal … what is important for you, to know of me, your potential transformation coach. You are welcome to ask should there be something left unpresented, that you feel could add relaxation and comfort in choosing to work together.

When I was approximately ten years old, I experienced death of a close one for the first time. Roz, was my maternal grandmother and a dear, dear ally. Our family had recently transitioned from a once cohesive & lovingly, supportive nuclear unit to separated & angry, frustrated, lonely individuals. I found the emotional upset and turmoil quite traumatic on the nervous system. Being physically well and balanced became a struggle as well as keeping this body in school. Although the memories become vague and perhaps almost a romanticized ideology, I recall an unspoken and loving reliance on my grandmother. She was my resource and an unbiased, nurturing, fun, stable presence in my world.The day after she passed on, she came to visit as a clear image underneath my white & red laced canopy bed, directly over my resting body. There was no fear, confusion nor sadness. I felt completely comforted and surrounded by pure love. This moment of light, shaped my awareness of higher consciousness and our greater universal relationships.


* Founder of Trauma Release for Women
* BBTRS® Facilitator and Training Leader
* Licensed Massage Therapist
* Facilitator of the Work of Byron Katie
* Meditation, Self~Awareness, Gratitude

Shortly thereafter, a group counselor came to the elementary school I attended in New York, bringing an after school program called “Project 25”. I am unable to recall which students were chosen for this program, how many of us participated and if we all had a common thread of childhood developmental or experiential trauma. I do remember deeply appreciating the time spent together in this group, having an avenue for personal sharing where I was already invited to expose my experiences and explore my young, innocent feelings, process them in group exercises & self awareness games and integrate through journaling and other forms of therapeutic homework. This project sewed my little person back together. It shaped my understanding that I am here to support the recognition of original & subsequent wounding and to serve the tools for resolving & integrating them for the home coming of the heart!!


Throughout the years I experienced more developmental trauma and eventually a range of situational traumas including the accidental death of my first beloved and a variety of sexual abuse & misuse. I understood my original birth traumas and recognized the inherited, familial generational traumas. I became attached to the shame/blame/victim role thus moving away from that first recognition of higher consciousness AND somehow there remained the deeper knowledge that this trauma and drama was not the truth. Thankfully with this innate connection to universal spirit, awakening, desire for real understanding of the human conditioning & self placed protective armoring ~ I walked out of life as I knew it. At the age of 26, this was to be a profound journey of self-discovery where inspired service leads the way. I unabashedly dedicate(d) life to my own trauma release and continued to be blessed with the “right” supporting modality finding me at just the perfect moment. This adventure of transformative, self reflective time experiencing life, studying & living with a variety of teachers & masters brought me to various beautiful & majestic corners of the world including mountain ranges in the USA, ashrams in India, villages in East Africa, jungles in Central & South America, aboriginal & ancient sites in Australia and Ireland, religious silent walking trails in Israel.

Over the last 23 years, I have been learning, combining and integrating a variety of mind~body~breath modalities, self inquiry, and silent/active meditation techniques into my personal process and have had the greatest honor of globally offering the same to you. Today, my group events and private sessions are a seamless blend of these therapeutic modalities.


I have been heart~fully listening to that first call which has cultivated grounded presence & active listening skills, loving patience, empathy, telescopic focus and a deep commitment to each individual’s authentic being and needs. This practice of guiding others home to themselves is rich with compassion, humor and care which supports self-love and transformational healing from the depth of your nervous system. Relaxation and trust invites you to go deep in your inner work. I am unapologetic in my approach for truth and honesty, asking contemplative & revealing self inquiry questions just in their right time to access your own innate wisdom and also pointing to what I see. I am here to skillfully help you identify the truth; the truth of your coping mechanisms, behavior patterns & personality structures which guide how you move in the world-how you treat yourself and how you treat others AND the deep reality based truth of true love and ultimate freedom before familial, societal, religious and traumatic conditioning took hold.



My most sincere priority is supporting you to identify, investigate, expose, resolve & integrate all the hidden shadows, self-protective armoring, concepts, shame and body-stored traumas which keep you from living a fully free, stable, balanced life authentically rooted in the heart of gratitude !


“Chetana skillfully and lovingly invites you to harness the fire of your truth — Picture a loving lightning bolt on a warm summer’s day. Out of the clear blue sky, there comes an unexpected jolt. And suddenly, there you are, face to face with the most alive, energized part of your being. The gift you thought you could never bring home. The shadow you wanted so desperately to escape. The rainbow you thought you’d never reach the end of. Chetana’s holding it all right there in her arms laughing. ‘That’s you,’ she says. ‘You can come home, now.'”

Colin ~ California
Consultant and Multi-Instrumentalist

“All things pass except the love and presence of God.
To know this inside your heart is eternal life, freedom and joy.” ~ Mooji