Chetana Lauren Barkan - Tao of Gratitude | Trauma Release for Women Retreat by Chetana Lauren Barkan
This transformational retreat is designed as an intimate, intensive, space for women to identify, investigate, expose, resolve & integrate stories, beliefs, shame & body stored traumas.
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This transformational retreat is designed as an intimate, intensive, space for WOMEN to identify, investigate, expose, resolve and integrate stories, beliefs, shame & body stored traumas. The nurturing of our basic primal needs is the foundation from which we develop a balanced, stable self esteem and healthy understanding of love. These needs when unattended to, from birth &/or through adolescence, will sit in your roots as the source of all confusion. Unconscious patterning of oppression and abuse may continue throughout ones life experiences. We will meet these basic primal needs at the foundational level with the art of self~responsibility, self-care and most importantly self~love.


De~armoring and re~arranging your belief system as ways to create a heart~full life is a courageous task. With this new understanding, you will navigate a balanced, content, sustainable way of being.


The purpose of the workshop is for resolution and integration of body stored trauma from birth, developmental, situational &/or generational trauma including sexual abuse, sexual exploitation or sexual misuse (exchanging sexuality for love, approval &appreciation).


The vision is to co~create and hold a supportive, nonjudgemental, compassionate environment where you feel held to expose your unconscious patterns buried within your current roles, behaviors & emotional reactions to life, allowing you to accept the full range of your humanity AND open to the realization and awakening of the ultimate truth of oneself; both supporting your freedom!

We will access the breath, body and beliefs as tools of liberation through:

BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System®:
Skillfully combining the elements of BBTRS results in removing layers of protective body armoring thus releasing long held mental, emotional & physical stress & tension from the cellular memories of the nervous system. As a result, BBTRS may reduce and clear one’s deeply imprinted primal, religious and societal conditioning. You will experience the full range of felt sensations while expanding your capacity for self~realization.


Pelvis/Psoas Therapeutic Bodywork & Dearmoring:

This will stimulate and release the tension bound up in the root and second chakras, creating access to the original unmet needs &/or experienced sexual & other traumas, thus freeing up and offering back life flow through the entire energetic & nervous systems. This is assisted by upper body/heart opening conscious touch techniques and open, mouth connected breathing.


Self Inquiry Exercises:

Based on the Work of Byron Katie & the pointings of Ramana Maharshi, you will be invited to identify and observe the stressful, fearful conceptual mind and it’s associated behaviors to unravel all the “non-truths” you believe to be true.


Exposure in the form of supported, constructive and compassionate sharings:

You will have the opportunity to be seen and met in the “stories” which keep you hidden inside the lie of the shadow. When this constricted energy begins to expand through exposure, it effortlessly integrates and turns into the lightness of presence which brings relaxation, movement and creativity.  


All this is complimented by:

Conscious deliberate movement, free form dance, meditation techniques, self-awareness exercises, somatic experiencing & felt sense, humor and the carefully chosen, resourceful, life giving & nurturing, beautiful natural environments.

Are you currently experiencing or have you experienced ?


*Difficulty relating in “personal” relationships


*Disturbing sense of self &/or body image


*Insufferable grief and loss

*Food &/or substance addictions


*Sexual abuse, misuse or inhibition


*General lack of clarity and any other unresolved stressors!

What concepts and thoughts are you believing?


What stories, shame, traumas & dramas are being stored in your cellular memories?

Are you willing to permanently shift your perceptions of reality and support a balanced, stable, peaceful life for yourself?


Are you ready to transition from and resolve all the stressful relating and core tension stored in the nervous system which keep you from living FULLY FREE in the heart of each moment?


We spend so much of our lives pretending, defending and using precious energy to conceal our secrets. Lets find the courage to look towards the shadows which will free up this bound energy; then you are truly available to experience joy, your true nature, your full life ..GRATITUDE !!


You will be pointed to silence as your strongest ally for remembering this greatest birth gift of gratitude; open your heart for pure love, compassion and the ability to live a self~realized, creative and celebratory life!!


You may attend this unique and profound retreat, at the worldwide location of your choice by applying below.


Looking forward to meeting you there!!