Chetana Lauren Barkan - Tao of Gratitude | Trauma Release for Women Retreat by Chetana Lauren Barkan
This transformational retreat is designed as an intimate, intensive, space for women to identify, investigate, expose, resolve & integrate stories, beliefs, shame & body stored traumas.
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The nurturance of your basic primal needs (love, care, attention, support, trust, belonging) and a secure attachment experience creates a reliably-rooted core foundation from which you develop a balanced, stable self-esteem and healthy understanding of love. These needs when unattended, will remain unrooted and tangled as the source of confusion. Unconscious patterning of oppression, relational conflicts, addictions and abuse may be present throughout one’s life experiences.

De-armoring your body through cellular memories and rearranging your belief system as ways to create an authentic, soul-centered, heart-full life is a courageous task. Your resiliency will expand as you develop skills for genuine nervous system self-regulation and the trust necessary for safe co-regulation. This supports a grounded, reliable, deeply rooted metamorphosis.


We will move slowly through core root healing by first re-establishing safety within your body, then gently introducing therapeutic tools and techniques designed to expand your capacity to be with what is thus beginning the balanced, regulated flow between the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems and remembrance of your true, joy-full, play-full nature before all conditioned reactions.

We will access the breath, body and beliefs as tools of liberation through:

Trauma Informed, Integrative Breathwork

Inspired by 15 years of experience facilitating BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System®

The foundation of trauma informed breath work is safety. You will develop a relationship with your internal/external resources and experience how grounding, orientation, resonance, and pendulation/titration (how to utilize your body’s natural rhythm of moving between the contraction of tension and the expansion of relaxation) are key components in safely using the breath for nervous system regulation and the ability to experience the freedom and spaciousness available when embodying present state awareness.

Deep, rhythmic connected breathing activates the sympathetic nervous system, which awakens somatically felt sensations. These sensations re-establish connection to your internal, non-verbal landscape and your body as a safe haven. They are also useful as locaters for the interrupted nervous system impulses which originally created the areas of held stress/tension/anxiety (trapped trauma energy) in the body. Following, exploring and completing these associated impulses through conscious expression of unwinding movements and vocalization will liberate the trapped physical, mental and emotional energy.

Therefore, these breathing techniques are the bridge between your protective body armoring and unconscious, interrupted flight/fight/freeze patterns stored within your cellular memories towards curious and conscious awareness of your full range of felt sensations, completed expression and embodied integration.

Conscious diaphragmatic breathing also activates specific neural pathways that are associated with emotion, cognition and body awareness therefore highlighting the connection to your felt sensations and emotions while decreasing attachment to the thinking mind thus allowing the body’s innate wisdom to arise in the session. This supports changes in neuroplasticity which is the ability to appropriately reroute neural pathways and create trauma integration.

Therapeutic Bodywork & De-armoring

Pelvis/Psoas, Thoracic/Heart, Cervical/Voice

Focused, therapeutic touch is a valuable compliment to connected breathing for further stimulation and unwinding of the trapped trauma energy within your fascia and musculature. This pain is longing to be felt and touched.

We will focus on 3 specific regions: the pelvis including the psoas muscle to ground your roots (core foundation and fight/flight muscle), the thoracic to free your heart (source of love and connection) and the cervical to release your voice (expression). Stress and tension in these areas limits your authentic connection to full self love, healthy relating, flowing creativity, conscious communication, connection with god/source/creator and receiving/expressing needs, joy and pleasure.

This can be related to a variety of childhood developmental traumas and later in life shock or situational traumas including, but not limited to sexual abuse, violations and misuse.

With gentleness and loving care, we create access to these wounds. The tension begins to melt which releases the bound up protective energy thereby freeing up and offering back life flow throughout your entire energetic, musculature and nervous systems.

Self Inquiry and Self Awareness Practice

There are times when fear of meeting the pain in you or the deepest love in you feels so overwhelming and scary. Unconscious and avoidant patterns, habits and behaviors are formed and often triggers stem from there. Triggers can breed shame &/or victimization and a cycle is created, when in truth, all your inner wounded child truly craves is to be seen, heard, met, held and loved.

The same strategies that were created by your younger intelligence to keep you protected are now keeping you from living safely and freely in your truest expression.

Through curious questioning and a variety of awareness building exercises, you are invited to investigate, reveal and observe the stressful conceptual mind and underlying core beliefs in order to reframe and repair these biased strategic truths that you believe to be true.

This points you in the direction of a spacious, clear, compassionate understanding of your authentic self including your healthy aligned needs, desires and boundaries. With this new understanding, you are navigating a balanced, content, sustainable way of being and a beautiful initiation to the journey home where your precious, inner wounded child gets to be seen, heard, met, held and LOVED.

Supported, Constructive and Compassionate Sharing

You will be invited to vulnerably share your past stories, especially those once hidden out of shame and fear and your current revelations. This sharing has a deep, profound meaning and an important healing impact.

We use quite a lot of energy to hide inside the “lie” of the shadow. When this constricted energy begins to expand thru this art of exposure and the shame is met and freed, they both effortlessly integrate and turn into the lightness of presence which brings peace, trust, relaxation and pleasure. You are seen and met with the gentle, acceptance that you both feared and desired.

Imagine a circle of women committed to gently and carefully supporting your tender, wounded and profoundly loving heart. And often meeting you with the mirrored recognition that you are not alone!


Free form dance, conscious deliberate movement, meditation techniques, music and sound, sauna/hot tub/sweat lodge

(per venue), nourishing vegetarian meals, humor, joy and pleasure and carefully-chosen, nurturing, beautiful, natural environments.

What Concepts And Thoughts Are You Believing?


What Stories, Shame, And Traumas Are Being Stored In Your Cellular Memories?

Are you currently experiencing or have you experienced?

  • Unmet developmental needs
  • Birth, developmental, generational &/or situational trauma
  • Fear, anxiety, shame
  • Lack of inner and relational safety & trust
  • Co-dependency
  • Emotional dysregulation
  • Inability to self/co-regulate
  • Trouble navigating conflict resolution
  • Mental confusion and lack of clarity
  • Confused boundaries
  • Intimacy and communication challenges
  • Repressed creative, verbal &/or sexual expression
  • Low self worth &/or distorted body image
  • Insufferable grief and loss
  • Physical pain and dis-ease
  • Food &/or substance addictions
  • Sexual abuse, violation, misuse
  • Disconnection from self/god/source/creator
  • Disorganized attachment style
  • Any other unresolved stressors

Are you willing to shift your perceptions of reality to support a balanced, stable, peaceful life for yourself?


Are you ready to resolve core tension and stressful relating patterns stored in the nervous system which keep you from living FULLY FREE in the heart of each moment?


Let’s turn fear into acceptance, grief into gratitude, disconnection into presence, trauma into trust, and separation into love.

We spend so much of our lives pretending, defending, strategizing, and using precious energy to conceal our shadows. Finding the courage to release and express somatic holdings and to expose your stories will free up this bound energy; then you are truly available to experience your true nature, your full humanity, joy and gratitude.

You will be pointed to inner silence as your strongest ally for remembering this greatest birth gift of gratitude; opening your heart for pure love, compassion and the ability to live a self~realized, creative and celebratory life!

You may attend this unique and profound retreat at the worldwide location of your choice.
I’m looking forward to meeting you there~