Chetana Lauren Barkan - Tao of Gratitude | Trauma Coaching & Counseling by Chetana Lauren at Tao of Gratitude
Trauma Coaching & Counseling using the innate intelligence of the mind to “heal” and befriend the mind, you will gain awareness and insights into your belief system and behaviors/reactions in particular situations and when relating with others.
Chetana Lauren Barkan, Trauma Release for Women, Trauma Coaching, Trauma Counseling, Tao of Gratitude
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Individual Coaching & Counseling Calls






We will share 60-90 minutes together on the phone or e~call of our choosing. This may happen, from any and between any, worldwide locations. Using the innate intelligence of the mind to “heal” and befriend the mind, you will gain awareness and insights into your belief system and behaviors/reactions in particular situations and when relating with others, especially those persons and events you have identified as difficult, triggering or traumatic.


We will begin by engaging in dialogue. I may lead by asking the appropriate questions to stimulate and allow your innate wisdom to track and realize the answers already living inside of you. I may also skillfully assist, by pointing to your beliefs, stories, projections & their associated behaviors, as I see them, that you intelligently put in place as your safety, survival & protection mechanisms during such traumatic events. While these mechanisms had an important and highly useful function, it is time to realize that NOW they are keeping you hidden within your own shadows. You have outgrown your use for them yet your thinking and nervous system has not completely caught up with this reality. This may keep you living a fear based life, disconnected from your heart, your vulnerability, your feelings, your creativity, your joy and healthy relating to other beings & external stimuli. It is within your willingness to see, to expose, to truly feel vulnerable and to be seen & held in this open, raw space, that you may notice its truly alright to let go and discover acceptance, trust and freedom.


You will learn tools to turn previously stressful, fearful experiences into an opportunity to practice mindfulness, heighten your self~awareness, meet love & empathy and utilize compassionate communication skills. Once you understand and learn to love what is as it is, including the stress &/or trauma, without any incessant need to resist, judge, by~pass or push you will begin to notice the gift and teaching being offered FOR you in each moment. You release the victim; the shame~blame mind and welcome gratitude and forgiveness!


You will discover, uncover and remember who you are as love, joy, freedom and presence before all familial, societal, religious & environmental conditioning AND before birth, developmental, situational & generational trauma took hold within your psychology and physiology.

The coaching & counseling calls combine the following:

~ Intuition and guidance will lead these sessions. As our dialogue begins, I am fiercely listening with devoted presence to every word you speak about your life, family, relationships or any specific events/situations. From this listening, arises the contextual questions that will support you to to go deeper through layers of constructs. Using your own innate wisdom in combination with my understanding, you will identify your core beliefs. This can be like a sharp, sword cutting off the masks and revealing what might be uncomfortable yet necessary to allow and accept for your continued self realization.


~ Self~Inquiry questions, techniques & exercises based on The Work of Byron Katie will continue this investigation and support turning around and unlocking the hold on these stressful beliefs, mental concepts and pain inducing stories which you have remained attached to as truthful experiences.

~ “Who am I” the original Self Inquiry question as presented by Ramana Maharshi. When meditated on, this points to the unwavering universal truth of love that we are, before we became believers in any concept that seemingly hides this truth. Under all our stressful thinking, this is always here to be seen.


~ As we use the mind to unravel the mind, I will also invite you to connect, experience and feel where in your body, in your musculature, in your nervous system these thoughts, beliefs, stories and memories are living. You will actively describe the “felt sense” in association and how it effects you on a physiological level.


There is an initial sliding scale fee of $120-$150 for the first hour

An additional 30 minutes can be provided for $60
An additional 60 minutes can be provided for $120


We will create an appointment on a day and time that we agree upon together


Looking forward to meeting you


“I felt well held and a strong connection and presence between Chetana and I despite it being a long distance video call.
And most importantly I felt met with full approval and love in all the spots we touched in me. I left the session feeling clear, exited about the future and full of trust towards it.”

Anita ~ Denmark

“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.” ~ Lao Tzu